Liz Cormack

Hi there! I'm an urban planner and experience designer. I’ve been designing products and places for ten years. In Summer 2023, I started as an Associate Urban Planner at Agency Landscape + Planning in Cambridge, MA. My interests lie in understanding how people interact with each other and the world around them, with particular interest in the design of public space, the role of landscape architecture in mitigating climate disaster, and the redistribution of power.

When I’m not designing, I’m attempting to implement all of Priya Parker’s principles in ‘The Art of Gathering’ at dinner parties. I’ve mentored at AIGA and Smarter in the City and just retired from the Board of Directors at Transformative Culture Project, an amazing youth arts education. Give them a follow!


Connected / Reconnecting: Meaningful Engagement with the Internet of Things

Designers & Geeks Boston | January, 2017
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Find the Want: Customer Discovery for Early-Stage Startups

Smarter in the City Accelerator | October, 2016
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